Rare Chinese Amulet-Guanyin and Guān Gōng handmade Amulet

Qiu Daohui charmamulet (religious object conferring blessing)

This all Amulet is Use for: (20 pieces of amulet in this product)

1. Keep you Safety in other localities or locality
2. Chinese God(Guanyin and Guān Gōng) in your sides to help you safe.
3. Help you safe when you go to Travel.
4. Help you safe when you drive.
5. Improve your Haunted Room

*Please tell us your birthday and whole name let us to handmade it.

  We have (風水)fung shui specialist please message us to know more.
fung shui specialist: means the location of a house or tomb, supposed to have an influence on the fortune of a family.
Please contact Daohui to see your company or house's fung shui. (Global)



  適合對象: 出國民眾、開車民眾    

風水是指: 您的住家的擺設有可能會影響您的運勢,麻煩聯絡邱道慧老師,國際風水服務。




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